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The Heritage Pocket

I named the Pubkilt after overhearing guys in Scotland talking about having their tartan kilt and their beer kilt. In the Heritage Pocket, I bring the tradition and splash of color the tartan provides, and pair it with the comfort and utility of the contemporary kilt. 

Thread a strip of your favorite tartan through the front, or velcro on a patch of your family crest, county emblem, military brigade insignia, etc. It's your palette.

Check out the tartans and patches I sell to get you started. I really thought this through. Or bring your own. I set up the canvas, and reinvented the sporran. You take it from here. 

Earlier this year I saw a gangleader in Atlanta, on the street corner, tying his bandana onto this pocket. While I don't condone his illegal moneymaking activities, I have to admit it did look pretty sweet.

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