The Heritage Kilt Pocket

Heritage Pocket

Do you take pride in a particular family clan of Scottish heritage? This kilt pocket is a must-have to show your family history / tartan, while still benefiting from a solid colored utility kilt. Easily insert a small piece of your family's tartan cloth, scarf or sash and wear it proudly. It also features handy pockets to keep your must-haves ready. Who said wearing a kilt is always about work? Show off that manly style. Show them who's in charge. Show them you're a proud Kiltman.

  • Available colors in Moss Green or Tobacco brown.
  • Includes one open pocket and zipper pocket
  • Store everything you need for camping, emergencies, work, etc.
  • Scottish tartan sash not included

Material - 10 oz cotton

Care Instructions

  • Spot dry clean only