Retail Stores Smart Enough To Carry Kiltman

Celtic Heritage - Gatlinburg, TN 

Away in Gatlinburg on vacation? Kiltman is there too. He's not stalking you. He just likes to get away and chill. He has an appointment to get a massage. 
Celtic Heritage Website 


Things Celtic - Austin, TX

Everything's bigger in Texas. Kiltman sizing is the same though. This store carries the Streetkilt, and Lanora does a damn good job of it. Go to Austin, listen to some cool music, get sized out for a Streetkilt. 
Things Celtic Website 


The English Shop - St. Charles, MO 

Stop in the English Shop while strolling adorable Main street St. Charles, get some British candy, talk to Scott, get a Kiltman. Then go out and really walk the cutesy downtown St. Charles, really walk that riverfront like you mean it. Also, check out their website. Not a lot of pictures, but the drop page has bulldogs. In vests. 
The English Shop Website 

Ha'Penny Bridge Imports - Dublin, OH

These folks have my kilts, and they also sell them at one of the great Irish festivals in the country, which takes place August 5-7. Dublin IF site. Go check it out. Find your Kiltman there. Give the Ha'Penny a shoutout, Hey! Penny! That's how I do at least. Because that's how you pronounce it. Hay. In case you didn't know. Kiltman is really a teacher at heart. 
Ha'Penny Bridge Imports Website

The Plaid Place - Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada 

Oh you thought Kiltman was just a US thing? What are you saying Canadian retailers don't know what they're doing? Nope, this is a North American phenomenon, my friends. And the word is spreading eh. I heard that Justin Trudeau, their PM, stopped in and got a Kiltman, to have as his kilt that he wears out to the more laid back government functions, because of course he's got to wear his traditional to the state dinners. 
Plaid Place Website 

The Irish Scot-tish Shop - Perth, Ontario 

Speaking of Canada, this store in Perth doesn't carry our kilts, per se, but the owner, Gerald, he has one, and he's a cool dude. He claimed the store was "too small" to have a kilt display. I believe him, because he puts a dash in the middle of the word Scottish. Also, there is a world famous, record-holding kilt run in Perth. So you can imagine Kiltman's yearning to be there. That also ought to give you an idea of the foothold he's gaining in the Canadian retail environment and, dare I say, political landscape. 
The Irish Scot-tish Shop Facebook

The Garden/The Chamber - Columbus, OH

Kiltman knows sometimes it's better just not to ask any questions. Once you've been asked for the 32000th time what you wear underneath your kilt, you'll appreciate that approach. Same kind of idea here. It takes all kinds. Kiltman is beloved in a near-infinite number of subcultures. And yes, The Garden people, I'm still working on the leather kilt. I'll let you know first thing when I get them in, I promise. 
The Garden/The Chamber Website (NSFW)