Handmade Clay Pipe

This is the traditional clay pipe that has been crafted in Knockcroghery, Ireland for 300 years.  The pipe is hand-made using the same skills employed by artisans centuries ago. Traditional craftsmanship renders each pipe a unique, authentic Irish craft-piece. A traditional fixture at wakes, trays of tobacco-filled pipes, or duídíns, offered to mourners, who after dipping the shank in whisky or Guinness to both seal and impart a good flavor to the clay mouthpiece, would smoke then break the pipes while saying "Lord have mercy."  Today they are a popular groomsman's gift, considered proper for celebrating one's cultural heritage. Choose from three of Ireland's most renowned motifs: Shamrock, Irish Harp, Celtic Spiral.

  • Available with a gift box

Material - Clay

Measurement - 6" L x 1.5" H

Box Measurement - 7.5" L x 2" H