Street Kilt


The 18th century saw the popularization of the first garment to resemble a kilt as we know it today, called the "small kilt" or "walking kilt" (feileadh beag). Today there is the Streetkilt, Kiltman's solid black contemporary kilt, made of a wrinkle-resistant poly-cotton twill.

Leave off the utility pockets, and the sleek material and deep black color make this kilt appropriate for a wedding ceremony, or as a groomsmen if the groom is going tartaned, or for any dressy occasion or event.

Throw on your choice of our heavy-duty, purposed pockets, and you'll see that the Streetkilt is tough enough for the most rugged trail or back alley, that it can take on any utility kilt out there. 

Whether you wear it with one of our freely detachable pockets or not, you've always got trouser pockets and back pockets on this versatile kilt.

Order this kilt in your normal pant size. However, should you find that you need to go up or down a size for that ideal fit, Kiltman provides a return slip for all kilts. We'll get you hooked up and on the road.