More than just a beautiful kilt

by John Hawley September 08, 2016

Don’t box me in. I’m Kiltman, I make and sell kilts and pockets, it's true; but I’m also a man, with other interests. All sorts of things captivate me day by day. But yeah it’s true, my kilts have a box pleat. It’s the look I prefer. So that’s a kind of boxing in.

And so yeah, I’m Kiltman, it’s what I do, the kilt thing. But why should you be surprised if I savor a piece of poetry or speculate about an aspect of 3D printing, or, I don’t know, breed border collies or something?

The kiltmen out there are not defined by the kilt, it it one among an array of passions. Or it’s just a particular article of clothing, with its particular benefits and uses. I am Kiltman, but even I don’t want to get hung up about the oddity of the kilt. Wear it or don’t, and move on.

John Hawley
John Hawley


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I’ve heard people say I’m gimmicky, that I’m all gimmick, flash, tone. And it’s true, there is an element of that. But only because the kilts are already there, waiting to be discovered, worn, only because we invented the pockets and want to progress pockets, we want you to utilize them, adapt them, fill them.

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I am Kiltman, hear me roar. Or burp. One of those two things, a burp-hiccup, loudly setting my glass down on the table, or roaring at the band. . . 

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I’m not here to convince you to wear a kilt. If you don’t know why you’d want to wear our kilt, or where you’d go in it, or what women find so alluring about a Kiltman, there’s no rhetorical or advertisy thing I can say. . . 

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