Sizing Guide

Q: How do I know what size to order?

A: Unlike other kilts (which are often designed to be worn up high on your belly), Kiltman Kilts are designed to be worn comfortably around your waist, like jeans. We recommend choosing the exact same waist size you normally wear in jeans (which is typically 1" - 2" smaller than your actual waist size).

If you are in between sizes, we recommend going up one size. It is always easier to cinch up the waistline with your kilt belt, then for the kilt to be too small.

Plus you can always exchange your kilt for a different size if needed!

Q: How do I choose from the drop lengths? 

A: Kilts look best when the bottom of the kilt falls below the knee. A good rule of thumb is: Better to be two inches too long than two inches too short. Our standard "Average" drop length (the distance between the top of the kilt and the bottom of the kilt) should actually work fine for most men. 

However, we carry a limited supply of "Short" and "Long" drop lengths if needed. If you still need a much shorter drop, you can always have your kilt shortened by a tailor.And as we mentioned above, you can always exchange your kilt for a different size if needed.

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