The Party Kilt Pocket

Kiltman Kilts Party Pocket

With two coozie-lined pockets up front, perfect for cans or longnecks, and a roomy compartment behind it, this pocket can go drink for drink with any evening out.

The party pocket comes with a retractable bottle opener, because I like you, and because a lot of my friends are bartenders. As with all my pockets, you've got the separate area in back that zips open and closed.

This pocket works best when you attach it to a Pubkilt or Streetkilt. Believe me, when one pocket is carrying four beers and a bottle of Laphroaig across two acres to get back to your tent at a Highland Games festival, you want the pocket to fit securely and not sag.

I once saw a dude with four bottles and a plastic cup of Guinness in this pocket (he was playing the tin whistle at the time), and so I can tell you that this fabric is impervious to beer stains as well. Cheers to that.

Material - 10 oz cotton

Care Instructions

  • Spot dry clean only