Tweed Kilt

Tweed Kilt. Stand out of the crowd with this formal tweed/wool mix kilt.

Designed as an Irish-Style kilt from the ground up with a contemporary look. Our Legacy Tweed Kilt is perfect for weddings, special events or just looking sharp at your local pub. Overly perfect fit waist. And when we say it's the most comfortable thing you can wear, we mean it! It has pockets up front and a leather welted side pocket with silky lining.

Matching vests are available here, or get a full set of both here.

  • Available in two colors (grey or green)
  • Multiple sizes available
  • 3 drop lengths available (distance from waist to center of knee)
Material: Wool Tweed

Care Instructions
Grey Tweed
Green Tweed
Waist Size
Drop Length