What makes a kilt a Kiltman?

The value

It's not the cheapest kilt around, let's be honest. Nor is it the investment of time and money a traditional kilt is. Kiltman is simply the best value in modern kilts, and the kilt company with the most features, that you won't find anywhere else.

The customer service
  • Free USPS Priority mail shipping. Order today, get it in three days.
  • Return labels always included.
  • The Kiltman Exchange offers credits for kilts you no longer wear.
  • Kiltman provides a smooth online shopping experience, no hassles, everything up-front and transparent, and we're always available. Ask us anything. Call, text, email. Kiltman wants to hear from you.
    The pockets

    It's clear when you've got a Kiltman, because you've got the finest, deepest selection of pockets anywhere. Check out all six we offer right now.
    All my kilts also have slash pockets up front, the trouser pockets that are so hard to give up when you go to wear a kilt, and nice back pockets to keep your valuables in if you're not wearing one of the bonus detachable pockets.

    The look

    You make what you like. I prefer a box pleat over a knife pleat, so that's what I make. I prefer a smaller apron, so that's the Kiltman look. I find it helpful to reinforce the belt loops, so the Pubkilt has a durable double belt loop, also a nice aesthetic touch. 
    So that's the Kiltman look, I like a box pleat, and a smaller apron with the buttons running vertical, as far as standard kilt and utility kilt options go. Color-wise, I always like a green kilt, so you'll find the Moss Pubkilt (I'm mostly sold out of the green Streetkilt), and I like the caramel or tobacco color for a heavier material like the Pubkilt comes in.
    Kiltman is always designing, so expect specialty kilts and new fabric options in the future. I'll probably stick to what I like on the basics though, the way the box pleats move when you walk and the way the apron lays.

    The fit

    I prefer the fit of a kilt that is a waist size vs. an adjustable size. It's a tough call because kilts that have an adjustable waist are much cheaper, but in the end I have to stick to my guns, and I've always preferred a kilt made to a waist size like pants. To me it's the best option, between individual tailoring and adjustable three sizes fits all. I don't the look of adjustable waist kilts, and I don't like the fit. My kilts sit on your hips right with a good belt, and that's what's important to me, and damnit I'm going to keep stocking all these sizes, all the way up to a 56 in the Streetkilt.

    The fabric

    Whether you prefer a lighter poly-cotton twill, or a heavier fabric and duck cloth weave, Kiltman has got it.