The Survival Kilt Pocket

Based on the design of tactical gear, and made for adventure and preparedness, you could call this a backpack scaled down to handful size.

It opens up all the way with zippers on each side, and the inside is loaded with compartments and useful nooks and crannies. It's the Swiss army knife of pockets.

Yes, I do make deals with Boy Scout troops who buy these pockets in bulk.

My favorite activity I've seen with this pocket is the guy who was hang gliding with it, his kilt waving in the wind like some kind of superhero. But he wasn't only hang gliding with the pocket, he was. . .wait for it. . .he had his phone strapped into the inside of the pocket, and he had it unzipped, and he was. . .wait for it. . .he was texting somebody with one hand, his other hand gripping the handlebar of the hang glider, and when he sent it he zipped his Survival pocket back up and then continued steering. True. Story.